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Energy Benchmarking Work Group
Part of the Governor's Green Building Initiative

The main goal of this project is to benchmark the energy use of California State buildings. The Work Group, comprised of representatives from California State agencies and utilities, is in the process of uploading the required building and monthly energy use information into the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Portfolio Manager database. The resulting 2003 energy use baseline will be used to measure the mandated 20% reduction by 2015.  

Douglas Mahone, Principal at HMG, is the Chair of the Benchmarking Work Group, while Amy Barr, Project Manager at HMG, and Josh Rasin, Associate Project Manager at HMG, manage the technical, day-to-day progress.

This effort preceded Assembly Bill 1103 and is not directly related to it.

Please contact Doug Mahone, Amy Barr, or Josh Rasin for more information  


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