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HMG Program Services - Experience

The Heschong Mahone Group, Inc. (HMG) implements performance-based, whole-building energy efficiency programs for single family and multifamily new construction and existing homes. HMG provides program implementation, technical support, and tool development for the utilities, state and local governments, and private entities. This page highlights a few of HMG's current and past accomplishments.

For more information on HMG's experience, contact Julieann Summerford, Director of Programs at 916.962.7001.

Program Implementation

  • Energy Upgrade California (SMUD, City and County of San Diego). Multi-family performance programs offering incentives, assistance, and training.

  • Designed for Comfort (CA IOUs). The first whole-building multifamily retrofit program. For ten years, the program operated throughout the state and laid the foundation for Energy Upgrade California multifamily programs.

  • California Multi-Family New Homes and California Advanced Homes Program (PG&E). Multifamily and single family performance-based new construction.

  • Home Energy Performance, California ENERGY STAR New Homes (SDG&E, SCE). Multifamily performance-based new construction programs.

Tools and Technical Assistance

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